August 27, 2014


Well we have almost made it through the summer and I have been planning away. So it's almost time to start clearing the property of some trees to make room for our forever home! I am so excited! We are just waiting on some cooler temps and away we go!

I can't wait to document this experience and here is the first step, the site plan……...

We will be building the shop first so the we can start to de-clutter our current house and get it ready to sell. We may end up living in it for a short time, while the house is finished, but that's okay by me!

This will be Terry's Haven & Harley(The Jeep's) Home after we are in the house. Obviously the pool will be last, but we have a plan folks! Progress is progress.

May 27, 2014

Planning Our Forever Home

We have been searching for the perfect place to build our forever home for over 3 years now. Come to find out it wasn't too far away at all, its been right under our noses. The timing just wasn't right. In the last few weeks we found the property, contacted the seller and closed with-in a week. Its 2 acres up on a hill with a wonderful view.

We had been looking at plans for longer than the 3 years, but its funny that we found "the one" only a couple weeks before this property popped up. We just purchased the plans yesterday and are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Its 2550sf and has 1/2 story upstairs, this plan met almost all of our check list items and will have minimal changes. We are SO excited to finally get a chance to take this journey to build our dream home that of course will pretty much signify what Country & Cashmere actually is! 

Next step….tree trimming….stay tuned!

February 27, 2014

Turkish Cotton Towels

Who else is ready for Spring & Summer? I AM!! After the Winter we have had, I think the entire country in ready for a change. We are already planning our beach vacation for this summer. 

That being said, I am always looking for new products to improve our trips. I had heard of the Turkish Cotton Towels awhile back, but was kinda of skeptical how they would feel and perform. I broke down a couple weeks ago and ordered some off of Amazon. 

I have to say I am in awe at how well they work! They actually soak up the water better than some towels we have. Not to mention the lightweight fabric and oversize makes them a perfect to fit into the beach bag for summer! I think I need to order some more!

December 10, 2013

Down Home Cooking

Well...........since we had been iced in for 3 days I thought I would share what we have been eating.

Let's just say when its cold outside I crave home cooking and the crock pot is the easiest way to make something to snack on all day long! In moderation it isn't all that unhealthy. Just make smart choices when possible like low sodium, low fat milk, turkey and small portion control.

Here is what was on the menu........................

Pork Chops & Rice

4-Boneless Pork Chops
2-Cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
1-Pack Ranch Seasoning
2-Cups Rice

Everything into the crock pot except the rice (add it in for just the last hour or so) Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8.

Nana's Taco Soup

1.5lbs lean ground beef or turkey
Minced Onion
1-Pack Taco Seasoning
2-Cans Pinto Beans
2-Cans Rotel
1-Pack Ranch Seasoning
1-Can Whole Corn (drained)

In a skillet, brown the Beef, Onion, & Taco Seasoning (drain)
Then put everything in the crock pot, Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8.

Mexican Cornbread

2- Boxes of Jiffy Cornbread

Take the left overs from the Taco Soup and drain water in an oven safe dish. Mix cornbread as instructed. Then pour on top of the soup and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake to cornbread instructions.

Red Chile Taco's

2-3lbs- Boneless Beef Roast
1 Pack-Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces (Mexican Red Chile Taco)

The easiest of all these…..Just follow the instruction on the packet. We had these on tortillas with a little cheese & cilantro. They were pretty awesome!

November 13, 2013

Screen Door-Drying Rack

I have had this screen door for awhile trying to decide what to do with it. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that I just couldn't decide.

Then last month when we were updating the laundry room. I realized I always have clothes hanging up to dry and I could really use a rack on the wall instead of hanging them where ever the will fit. I began my search to find a clothes drying rack, and while I understand it is a functional item, of course I wanted something more decorative :)

Then the idea was born to turn the screen door into the drying rack…………….

This is what I had to start with. I ripped all of the screen out and removed the hinges. Then cut the door in half, re-applied the hinges so the top could move up and down. Added 3 dowel rods and spray painted the whole thing black.

I decided to keep the screen at the bottom for texture and added fabric to the other 2 sections. I painted and hot glued some wood letters. I am still on the look-out for a little boxwood wreath, but I already had this one for now.

November 8, 2013

Sugar & Spice Baby Shower

Well since Baby Fieseler has been born, I guess its time to post about her baby shower.
We decided to go with a Sugar & Spice theme. I did the invites, decorations, and games, then Amanda brought the SUGAR, and Steph brought the the SPICE. 

We had to use blue in the theme (the baby's room in peacock colors) and mom didn't want to use the traditional pastel pink, so hot pink it was. I found these awesome invites from Paperclever, she also did the backdrop banner, the diaper raffle cards and the book instead of a card poem. 

We put the SUGAR stuff on the main table and the SPICE (chili & queso) in the kitchen to serve.

Amanda with Manda's Cookie Jar makes the best sweets ever!  Look at these adorable onesie & rattle cookies and the awesome cake ball baby rattles. So cute and yummy too!

Fun was had by all! We had AWESOME Harvey's Chili, had the diaper raffle, opened lots of gifts, and  each guest painted a onesie for Baby Fieseler in all different sizes.

Thanks ladies for all your help!

September 18, 2013

Minecraft Birthday Party

Just realized I never posted about our little Minecraft Birthday Party. It was this summer, just a small get together for the family, we celebrated Colton & Mackenzie's birthday's together this year. Since all the kids have gone BONKERS over Minecraft that was the direction we went.

I have to thank Shell & Trav for all of their help with this, and Trav's awesome photoshop skills :)
They did all of the signage for the table and decorations.

The best sissy in the world made the the cardboard Creeper and actually wore it at the party!

We tried get most of crafting items covered....Emerald-Sixlets, Sticks-Pretzels, Coal-Black Gummie-Bears, Diamond- Blue & Silver M&M's, Gold-Chocolate Coins, TNT-Red Vines, Redstone-Red Rock Candy and the obvious Carrots & Melon.

And Cake of course..

The kids had a great time swimming, painting creeper back packs & of course playing Minecraft!!