August 22, 2013

Meet The Teacher

Well this Summer is officially coming to a close! Tonight is meet the teacher at school, and the last weekend is upon us. Normal schedules and activity meetings will be in full force! I cannot complain, Colton has had a nice break and actually seems to have become a bit "bored" this week. Its hard to believe he will be the big 4th grader on campus (next year will be a new location) but their are so many "special" activities they get to do this year, I know it is going to be great!

Sorry for the bad quality phone pic, but these are the little goodies I put together for tonight. I found this adorable printable at Whipperberry and the journals and pencils on clearance at HomeGoods. Attached it all together with some Washi tape....and they turned out pretty cute.....and very simple!

I hope everyone has a great year!

August 16, 2013

Summer Wrap-Up

Well this happens every year to me, our summers are just too busy and off schedule for me to keep up with the blog. So with only one week until school, I thought it was time for a little Summer Wrap-Up. We are so blessed to be able to go so many places with our family.

We hit summer with a bang, and on the day school was out and hit the road to Surfside Beach, TX. It has become our Fieseler Vacation Tradition to do a beach trip every year. I know it is something the kids will remember forever from their childhood. I didn't take a camera (mother of the year) so these were some pics I scavenged up from others. We rent a house beachside and just hang out for three or four days, relaxing and soaking up some sun. We are so lucky to still have our Nana with us on these trips.

Next up was a bitter sweet trip to Wyoming where my dad & step mom live. Many of you know that he left us this year, so this was the trip we all got together and put him to rest. He was building this log cabin for them. He peeled and laid each long by hand and was ready for the roof when he left us. Many people have pitched in to help see that his project gets finished for Jo before this winter. I know dad is very happy watching over all of us. It was great to have the whole family there pitching in and gettin' r done! July 4th in Lander in something like I have never experienced, we will for sure be heading up there for more of them!

Then last, but not least was Colton's Legoland trip. I gave this kid the choice of Disney World or Legoland and of course Legoland it was. I have to say the new hotel is everything a kid could want and more, us adults were kind of left Colton had a blast with 4 days all about him! Since it is right on the coast, we did manage one day at the beach.

I do have to say, I never heard "I'm bored" once this summer! With the swimming lessons, robotics camp, golf camp and trip to Oklahoma to visit family to fill in between trips. He hardly had any down time this year. As for me, I am ready to get back to a some what steady schedule. Even though there is never a dull moment around here! How was your summer?