May 27, 2014

Planning Our Forever Home

We have been searching for the perfect place to build our forever home for over 3 years now. Come to find out it wasn't too far away at all, its been right under our noses. The timing just wasn't right. In the last few weeks we found the property, contacted the seller and closed with-in a week. Its 2 acres up on a hill with a wonderful view.

We had been looking at plans for longer than the 3 years, but its funny that we found "the one" only a couple weeks before this property popped up. We just purchased the plans yesterday and are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Its 2550sf and has 1/2 story upstairs, this plan met almost all of our check list items and will have minimal changes. We are SO excited to finally get a chance to take this journey to build our dream home that of course will pretty much signify what Country & Cashmere actually is! 

Next step….tree trimming….stay tuned!


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