November 13, 2013

Screen Door-Drying Rack

I have had this screen door for awhile trying to decide what to do with it. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that I just couldn't decide.

Then last month when we were updating the laundry room. I realized I always have clothes hanging up to dry and I could really use a rack on the wall instead of hanging them where ever the will fit. I began my search to find a clothes drying rack, and while I understand it is a functional item, of course I wanted something more decorative :)

Then the idea was born to turn the screen door into the drying rack…………….

This is what I had to start with. I ripped all of the screen out and removed the hinges. Then cut the door in half, re-applied the hinges so the top could move up and down. Added 3 dowel rods and spray painted the whole thing black.

I decided to keep the screen at the bottom for texture and added fabric to the other 2 sections. I painted and hot glued some wood letters. I am still on the look-out for a little boxwood wreath, but I already had this one for now.

November 8, 2013

Sugar & Spice Baby Shower

Well since Baby Fieseler has been born, I guess its time to post about her baby shower.
We decided to go with a Sugar & Spice theme. I did the invites, decorations, and games, then Amanda brought the SUGAR, and Steph brought the the SPICE. 

We had to use blue in the theme (the baby's room in peacock colors) and mom didn't want to use the traditional pastel pink, so hot pink it was. I found these awesome invites from Paperclever, she also did the backdrop banner, the diaper raffle cards and the book instead of a card poem. 

We put the SUGAR stuff on the main table and the SPICE (chili & queso) in the kitchen to serve.

Amanda with Manda's Cookie Jar makes the best sweets ever!  Look at these adorable onesie & rattle cookies and the awesome cake ball baby rattles. So cute and yummy too!

Fun was had by all! We had AWESOME Harvey's Chili, had the diaper raffle, opened lots of gifts, and  each guest painted a onesie for Baby Fieseler in all different sizes.

Thanks ladies for all your help!