October 31, 2012

A Steel of a deal-Christmas Card Discounts

I know its Halloween, but I just couldn't let a deal like this go to waste!

While my Hollie Hair color was processing, I saw an ad for a printing sight called Minted. After some research I found a great deal for these personalized Christmas Cards that we all love, but they tend to get a little expensive! Who doesn't love getting this kind of cards?!?!

Here how to save $50 on your HOLIDAY order at Minted. 

1) Create an account HERE and get a $25 credit on your next purchase just for signing up! 

2) Go HERE and get a discount code for $25 off HOLIDAY orders (must be used by 11/4/12). 

HERE IS WHAT TO DO: add at least $50 worth of HOLIDAY merchandise to your cart. The first $25 credit will be automatically applied to your cart and you will have to enter the second $25 discount code into the promotion code box during checkout. 

There is also a way to order now (to get the discount) and edit or add photos later. At the check-out in the "Special Request Box" simply type "I need to edit my details later" then you will be able to long in and change before submitting your proof for printing.  

This only works for holiday products and you have to add at least $50 to your cart.

I already have a great idea for our cards, and can't wait to send them out! I haven't even taken the photos yet, so I will be editing later for sure!


October 29, 2012

A Cowboys Halloween

The weekend was good, we were productive on the home front......got the yard "winterized" and seeded. We also had date night, we went to a nice dinner at The Keg and ate in their lounge. It was a great dining experience and gave me some ideas for the house :) They also have the best chocolate martini I have ever had! After that I switched my 5" heels in for boots and went out to do a little dancing(and people watching)! They were having their costume contests at Cowboys, and let me just say......the people watching did not disappoint!

Here are just the shots of the winners in order,

3rd Place went to the RED SOLO CUPS!

2nd Place went to the LEGO MINIFIG

1st Place went to BURNED BIG TEX

Oh and his fire women...of course!

Then they brought out the confetti gun and the REAL party began! 

October 26, 2012

Cocktail Hour-Happy Friday

Since its Friday, I thought it would be a great time for an adult beverage recipe for Halloween! 
And don't forget.....Drink Responsibly!

Ginger Candy Apple Tini Recipe
3.5 oz Absoult Brooklyn Vodka( ginger apple flavor) brand new to the market
1.5 oz Dekuyper apple
.5 oz Dekuyper butterscotch schnapps
Line the inside of the martini glass with caramel syrup.
Garnished with a caramel apple slice

I am usually not the one for sweet drinks, but this sounds good.....I'm a sucker for ginger! The hubs and I are having date night this weekend....and this would be great sipping by the fire on this cold weekend. 
Ya'll have a great one!

October 22, 2012

My Brain

After last week (an extra busy week), I thought I would share with you all how I try to keep it all together. Notice how I said try :) ....There are two things I never leave the house without.

My cell phone (of course) and my mini 3 ring binder (My Brain). If its doesn't get in here, it doesn't get done, end of story! Have any of you seen these mini binders? they are perfect! Not big and bulky like the standard size. I got mine at Staples Martha Stewart Collection (of course). I believe Office Max has a collection as well. You can personalize them with all kinds of accessories, they even have a 3 hole punch for this size and a pencil bag....a must have!

So I have 5 dividers with paper for each section of my everyday life. Then whenever I think of something I don't want to forget or just something that I know I need to schedule time for I just write it down. That gives me permission to forget later because I know I have have written it down and can get scheduled. I use this for everything from grocery lists (yes I am the one in the store with the binder) to meetings and appointments or creative ideas. Anything I want to remember and I know is not on the calendar. 

Then of course there is the standard calendar where everything that is scheduled lives. I use the color stickies to mark important appointments. I use color pens for birthdays or things I know will not change, but EVERYTHING else goes in pencil! This is a MUST! We all know how things can change, and it must be neat and clean to stay organized.

Then every night I take this AWESOME & FREE printable I got at iheartorganizing and break it down into times slots.(since it prints in standard size I fold it in half and use my nifty hole punch) First, I take things from the calendar. Items and times that cannot change and pencil them in. Then, I go through each divider category and see what other items need to be done and fill in the gaps. This is even helpful during my work hours since I make my own schedule.

Well there is a little snippet into what I call "My Brain".  It is my life saver and helps me stay on task at every moment of everyday of what we call this crazy life!

October 19, 2012

F is for Frank

Just in last week, my new favorite jewelry piece from F is for Frank. They are local artisans here in Dallas, and they make some awesome jewelry. This is a gold plated wood knot with a carved bone feather on a 30" chain. I heart it!

Here are some others I am keeping my eye on as well.

I think I just have to have this to layer on with the other, and to match the license plate. I'm thinking a 10 anniversary present :) Someone give him the hint...lol

They also do other metals, I just love this pewter dunn necklace. And here is an awesome little rose gold skull as well. I know someone this would make a great gift for :)

I am a sucker for necklaces, but they do rings earrings, hardware, cufflinks...all kinds of stuff!

Go check 'em out online, they also take part in lots of shows in the area, or call and go by the studio.

October 18, 2012

Save A Rack

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought I would share the new country version of "Save the Tata's"...instead its....."Save A Rack" I just love this!! The phrase was thought up by a young lady that happens to be a hunter and started her own body care line called Just For Does she had shirts, koozies, and bracelets made up with the phrase, but is completely sold out! So I continued to search, and what popped in my Facebook feed? Jason Aldean has teamed up with them and is selling both men's & women's shirts online. Plus proceeds go to breast cancer awareness....done! I can't wait to sport my new rack tank!

October 15, 2012

Cub-O-Ree 2012 & "Harley"

This passed weekend was a big one! We had our 2nd year Cub-O-Ree campout with the cub scouts and we took the new jeep "Harley" for her first road trip! For those who don't know we had a wipe-out on our motorcycle a year and a half ago. We decided it would be best to fore-go that life for a while and had been on the look-out for an old jeep. Last month we finally found her, Terry has been making sure everything was up to speed with the motor so we could take her this weekend. And so it was....we packed up everything we need for 3 days and off we went! Lookin' like gypsies.......:)

We didn't let the threat of severe storms get in our way of a little fun in the wilderness!

And our "hitched" license plate from almost 10 years ago when we got married in Las Vegas finally has a home! :)

Our little cub scout was ready to go earn some ranks, loops, and badges! Let the fun begin!

Tug-O-War was one of the highlights of the day! The boys even pulled against the adults and almost won! Determination is a great thing!

Last activity of the day learning to shoot "pole position" (on your belly) I think this was all the boys favorite part. And I learned more about the history of BB guns than I could care about (inside joke)!

We were very lucky with the weather, it didn't rain until late Sat. night/early Sun. morning. Then it was quite the storm! I thought it was going to be fine, then I felt the first drip on my head :/ It got worse & worse....I tried to convince Colton that it was like being on Survivor....he wasn't going for that at all! At least it stopped that morning so we didn't have to ride home (open top jeep) in the rain! In fact the ride home was really nice, it was cool, but the sun was out....and so was Colton!

You know it was a good time when the kids are worn out! 

October 12, 2012

Mommy To Bee Shower.....It's In The Details

Everyone always credits me for being creative, but the truth is with all of the sources and inspiration out there now (ie....etsy, pinterest, & other blogs) it is soooo easy to create something great yourself! 

Last weekend I threw a Mommy To Bee Shower for one of my best friends who is expecting her first baby. I am sooo excited for them! The idea for this shower came about because of the drink station my mother had given me for my birthday this passed summer, it is a beehive :) Then I went to work scouring the web!

There are several vendors on Etsy that put downloadable graphics packages together. Most of them even customize them for invitations, ect. I found the perfect package at TwoTinyLoves, she even did the customized "Shower Fun Facts" card that told about the requests for the shower.

Then you just print and cut, it included the invites, the banner and all of the labels. Here is the beehive drink station that started it all.

So for the details of the back drop I hung a piece of fabric on the wall, assembled the banner, then made these paper rosettes out of scrapbook paper.

We didn't do any "games" at the shower, instead I had everyone bring a package of diapers and then we had a raffle for 2 gift baskets. Of course the baskets also had to follow the theme :)

The other thing I did was have everyone sign a book instead of a card. This way they will be put to good use and maybe even handed down one day.

Then "on the menu" of course have to carry that theme....since it was a late afternoon shower, we just had light snacks. 
"Honey Corn" Cashews-Pretzels-HoneyComb Cereal & Honey Nut Cheerios
Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwiches
"Honey Comb Shots"-Banana Cream Pudding (non-alcholic)
"Bee Soup"-Cheddar & Broccoli
Regular Lemonade & "Spiked Stinger Lemonade" (with vodka)

And of course bee cookies and cake balls from Manda's Cookie Jar, the best sweets in town!

So you see anyone can do it, I think everyone had a great times visiting with old friends and making new ones!

October 5, 2012

September Round Up

Since I dumped my pictures from my camera, I thought I would do a little re-cap picture montage of September to get you all caught up with a little of what's been going on.

We started of the month with a Labor Day weekend trip to visit Terry's aunt & uncle in Oklahoma. It is so beautiful and peaceful at their place. We did a little fishing and actually caught one. Colton's face is priceless! Let it be known that this was my pole that they were "watching" while I went for a wine refill...LOL

The next event was for my very special friend Melissa who was turning 40. It was a beautiful summer night with food, friends, wine, and of course cupcakes! I just love putting things like this together, I have so much fun!

Last, we finished off the month with some nightlife in the Fort Worth Stockyards with the Pistol Annies at Billy Bobs. They put on a great show and I just love that they are just up there having a good time and don't take themselves too serious at all. They are mine kind of people! Rock on Annies!

Have a great weekend ya'll! I'm off to finish the details on the baby shower I am having here this weekend.

October 4, 2012

And So It Started

Although this is a new blog, I just looked up the first blog I ever wrote.....Nov. 16, 2007....WOW....hard to believe it has been so long! It was anonymous to protect those that were the main content and will not be shared. LOL Since then I have created a few more, all with specific intentions and content.

Unique Finds & Designs-More of a craft blog, before & afters, with a little life mixed in

True Image Interiors-When I started my own business, to focus on interior design.

Since those blogs I was able to take a job with a great company, hints the reason I have been MIA in blog-land. I still continue to read my favorite blogs every day and miss it dearly. Then I started thinking.... most of the blogs I like to read are just about peoples lives. Granted they usually have similar interests as me, but its like reality tv with good content. Much better than that negative crap on tv.

And so....hear we go again, but instead of trying to schedule posts of what I think people want to see & read, I am just going to let life happen. Those who know me personally know I will have plenty of content to blog about. As some in the family say, "you just can't make this stuff up!"

Welcome Back!