This page is dedicated to our 4 legged friends, both the current and those who are waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge. They are a big part of our family!

"Boomer"-Our newest addition, a Tri-Color Miniature Australian Shepherd who is full of energy and loves doing agility and frisbee.

"Lucy"-A stray we found on a bike ride, sometimes they just "pick" you and that's the way it is! 

"Turbo & Charger"-Our Sugar Gliders are such sweet little critters, I just wished they liked to play more during the day!

"Ringo"-Our special boy, an Australian Shepherd. He is deaf due to double merle breeding to get that beautiful coloring, and blue eyes, but we love him as he is. 

"Daisy"-Another stray picked up by sissy. We thought she was a puppy before we new they bred mini aussies. She is the queen bee around here (besides me).

"Nemo"-He has a "gimp" leg (hints the name). He was bottle fed from 2 days old by me and had an infection that settled in his knee as a baby. We almost had to amputate it, but he still has some use in it.

"O'Malley"-The last critter from my single days, currently 16, but hanging in there. 


"Bobbie"(Boo Boo) Sissy's first pet was 16 when she passed

"Landry"-Poor thing, he wasn't with us too long. Another one of those who just "picks" you. He came to us with many problems, but we loved him as long as we could. He was only 10 when he passed.

"Missy" so far the dog Terry has had the longest, she was 15 when she passed.