April 2, 2013

Farmhouse Dining Table

I have been wanting a farmhouse dining table for a couple years now. The main problem I had was the space we had to fit it in. We only use our "breakfast nook" for dining and the space was built to hold a square or round table. Every time I fell in love with a table it was too large for the space. Like these..

Then I found some plans and was going to have Terry make one, which still may happen at a later date :)

When I came across one at World Market, it was the the perfect smaller size, but I wasn't sure it was beefy enough and kept looking. Then it went on sale, and it was a done deal! I am a sucker for a sale!

I love the nailheads on the chairs and warmth and texture of the top of the table.

It has really opened up this space! Since we moved in almost 10 years ago, we have always had a counter height table. And although it is taking some getting used to to feel like we are not sitting on the floor now. I love how much more visual space it gives us.


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