March 25, 2013

Cub Scouts-Blue & Gold

This weekend we celebrated to birth of Cub Scouts with our Blue & Gold Banquet. We went with a Native them and I have to say, it was a great celebration! Of course I was on deck, helping with the decorations, so I decided to do Ice Cream Cone Tee Pee's for centerpieces. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Then we added some plastic table coverings and feathers down the middle for a little bit of interest.

The kids had a great time playing games, having pizza & cake, and doing skits they had prepared. 

Colton completed all of the requirements to receive his Bear Badge. He will become a Webelo next year and is so excited!

Then here is our wonderful well behaved pack, all together.

And here is how they are most of the time.......boys will be boys! lol

Happy Birthday Cub Scouts!

March 20, 2013

Colton's Bathroom Update

So as most of you know, our little bathroom update of painting only, turned into quite the weekend warrior project! Here is the recap with some better photos.

We had planned to do a little in-exspensive update to Colton's bathroom, so we had our Friday date night to Home Depot. The original plan was to paint the walls & cabinets, change the faucet, and a few decorative items like the lamp shower curtain, ect.

Sat morning we got up and at it at warp speed, walls all painted, then I went to start staining the cabinets, and the side felt soft. I knew then this project was about to grow by 200x! We saw it was coming from the wall at the back of the cabinet, so the demo began. Long story short in a matter of about an hour, we had pulled out the vanity, flooring, and cut out a lot of sheetrock! The toilet had been leaking for a while, but was running between the floors and puddling at the wall and vanity. We ended up replacing everything in the bathroom except for the shower in 2 days! Here are some before and after comparisons.




The Details: Did you know you can take a photo to Office Depot and asked for an industrial print and get an oversize black & white for $1.50! We added the beadboard on all walls to cover the sheet rock that we had cut out, a pretty good trade I do believe!

 I am just about in love with this faucet!

I have to admit, I am a little jealous of Colton and his "spa" like bathroom, and find myself using it more now :)