May 24, 2013

Boho Chic-Guest Room

Ever since, the big kids moved out of the house Colton had taken over 3 rooms of our 4 bedroom house. So I was on a mission to take back at least 1 of those and make a guest room for our overnighters. The Lego Room had to to be dis-assembled and the video games & tv moved into there.

Then I went to work on the new guest room, this room was Colton's nursery when we first moved in. That is when we added the beadboard and shelves. It has 2 entries, double doors off one wall and a regular door off the hallway. To get a headboard focal wall, I hung full drapes over the double doors and added some boho flair. I cleaned out 2 closets and found many items I had used to decorate in the passed, but had grown tired of and put away. I have also been collecting things from my Nana's house and Dad's since his passing. As I pulled these items together, I realized they began to tell a story. Everything just seemed to come together in a eclectic boho chic kind of way.

From Nana's quilt to Terry's mom's piano and everything in between, there is a story behind each piece.    I pulled all of the art I had once hung somewhere, just because I liked it, then realized it just didn't go. They all seemed to work together, so I decided to do a gallery wall of the mixed matched items.

And because no guest room is complete without a tray and travel items in case you forgot something, I added those too.

It worked out perfect that Nana was the first guest to stay in this room, who's next?


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