October 15, 2012

Cub-O-Ree 2012 & "Harley"

This passed weekend was a big one! We had our 2nd year Cub-O-Ree campout with the cub scouts and we took the new jeep "Harley" for her first road trip! For those who don't know we had a wipe-out on our motorcycle a year and a half ago. We decided it would be best to fore-go that life for a while and had been on the look-out for an old jeep. Last month we finally found her, Terry has been making sure everything was up to speed with the motor so we could take her this weekend. And so it was....we packed up everything we need for 3 days and off we went! Lookin' like gypsies.......:)

We didn't let the threat of severe storms get in our way of a little fun in the wilderness!

And our "hitched" license plate from almost 10 years ago when we got married in Las Vegas finally has a home! :)

Our little cub scout was ready to go earn some ranks, loops, and badges! Let the fun begin!

Tug-O-War was one of the highlights of the day! The boys even pulled against the adults and almost won! Determination is a great thing!

Last activity of the day learning to shoot "pole position" (on your belly) I think this was all the boys favorite part. And I learned more about the history of BB guns than I could care about (inside joke)!

We were very lucky with the weather, it didn't rain until late Sat. night/early Sun. morning. Then it was quite the storm! I thought it was going to be fine, then I felt the first drip on my head :/ It got worse & worse....I tried to convince Colton that it was like being on Survivor....he wasn't going for that at all! At least it stopped that morning so we didn't have to ride home (open top jeep) in the rain! In fact the ride home was really nice, it was cool, but the sun was out....and so was Colton!

You know it was a good time when the kids are worn out! 


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